Growtopia Locks

All That You Wanted To Know About Growtopia Locks!

To restrict someone from entering a specific area, you need to use Locks. There are different kinds of locks available in the game and all of them are inbuilt with innumerable features. These features will allow you to have control of the locked area.

You can either use locks privately or share it with others. Depending on the features inbuilt in each lock, its price varies. If you have stayed inactive in the Growtopia game for 6 consecutive months then all locks that you have placed in the game can be destroyed by one hit. This includes the World Lock too. Here is a brief introduction to the innumerable locks available in Growtopia game:

Small Lock:

This lock can protect up to 10 tiles and can be bought for 50 Gems. It is the smallest of all locks that are available in the game. As it is a permanent item, it won’t be lost when destroyed by others. By recycling the small lock, you will get 5 Gems.

Big Lock:

It can lock up to 49 tiles; inclusive of one tile that has been occupied by the lock itself. The big lock can be purchased for 200 Gems but at the time of recycling, you will only get 10% of this amount i.e. 20 Gems. It is a permanent item and when destroyed, it will go to your inventory.

Huge Lock:

With this lock, you will be able to protect up to 200 tiles. When destroyed by others, it will reach the inventory instantly. The huge lock cannot be destroyed or created by other players through splicing. You can purchase the lock for 500 Gems; however, at the time of recycling you will only get 10% of the amount i.e. 50 Gems. If you have 5 Huge Locks then you can purchase a World Lock from Locke. An easy way to acquire huge locks is from the farming worlds that are set on public.

Growtopia World Lock

World Lock:

With the World Lock, you will be able to lock the entire world. However, you cannot use it on worlds that are already owned by other players. Once you acquire 100 World Locks, you can combine them to make a Diamond Lock. World Lock can only be acquired from the game store for 2,000 Gems. At the time of recycling, you will get back 200 Gems. When destroyed, it will reach back to your inventory. World Lock provides innumerable benefits in the game as they can even be used as the game currency. You can purchase the World Lock from Locke for 5 Huge Locks.

Signal Jammer:

You can purchase it from the game store for 2,000 Gems or trade it with others. When you activate the Signal Jammer, your name will not show up to the world. It is not available through seed splicing. Wherever the Jammer is located, other players can join your world only if they know the name. It will automatically return your inventory once it is broken. By installing it, you will be able to acquire, ‘this land is my land’ achievement.

Zombie Jammer:

It can be purchased from the game store for 15,000 Gems. Its main feature is to avert visitors of the world to be contaminated with G-virus, except with direct injection. The Zombie Jammer can neither be spliced nor destroyed. Its special properties can be adjusted with the wrench.

Punch Jammer:

It can be purchased from the game store for 15,000 Gems. When you activate this useful tool, it glows red and players won’t be able to punch each other. You can turn it on or off, as and when needed. It can never be lost because it is a perma-item. If it sounds expensive do not hesitate to use our Growtopia Hack.

Grow Spray Fertilizer:

With this fertilizer, you will be able to speed up the tree’s growing abilities by an hour. You can purchase them in a set of 5 bottles for 200 Gems and each bottle will instantly age a tree by one hour.

Deluxe Grow Spray:

You can purchase the Deluxe Grow Spray for 900 Gems. It can neither be spliced nor does it drop any seeds. With a single bottle of this spray, you will be able to instantly age a tree by 24 hours.


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