Growtopia Growtokens Guide


What Can You Purchase With Growtokens In Growtopia Game?

Growtoken is a form of currency in Growtopia game. Growtokens can be used for buying several items that are available in the Growtoken store. Some of these items are mentioned below:

Challenge Timer:

You will require Challenge Start Flag and Challenge End Flag to begin the challenge. Decide the timing of the race, set up your challenge, and insert prizes. To start the challenge, you will require 15 Growtokens.


The Megaphone is a consumable that can be bought from Locke for 10 Growtokens. With the Megaphone, you will be able to send Super Broadcast to all of Growtopia without paying Gems once. It never drops any seeds.

BLYoshi’s Free Dirt:

If you want unlimited amount of free dirt blocks then buy the BLYoshi’s Free Dirt. It can be purchased for 40 Growtokens and the Dirt Blocks will explode on impact.

Crystal Cape:

You can purchase the Crystal Cape for 90 Growtokens from the Growtoken Store. The Cape is woven of pure crystal, which makes it quite uncomfortable. However, it is a magical Cape, which will enable you to double-jump off an imaginary Crystal Block in mid-air.

Grip Tape:

You can make use of the Grip Tape to improve the grip on a weapon. It needs to be wrapped around the handle of a weapon or tool. The Grip Tape can be bought for 100 Growtokens and can even be used to protect you from cold metal handles.

Night Vision Goggles:

The Night Vision Goggles can be purchased from the Growtoken Store for 110 Growtokens. With this equipment, you will be able to see in the dark too. If you are in another World, then the Goggles will consume one D Battery for every minute you wear them. However, if you are in your own world, then your goggles won’t require batteries.

Muddy Pants:

The Muddy Pants can be bought for 125 Growtokens. When you wear them, a dirt pet comes out. Moreover, if you hold a hand item i.e. Pet Leprechaun or Ice Dragon Hand then their power will get transferred to the dirt pet.

Golden Pickaxe:

pickaxeIt looks like a dazzling gold-coated pickaxe and can be bought for 200 Growtokens. When equipped, it adds the Enhanced Digging mod and this enhances the damage you can cause on tiles with the Fist.

Focused Eyes:

This clothing item can be purchased for 100 Growtokens. When in use, the item will cover your eyes and shoot electricity from the eyes in place of the Fist.


You can purchase the Doodad for 75 Growtokens. The Doodad will be required for creating the Legen Seed, which is needed for making the Legendary Wizard.

Weather Machine – Nothingness:

It can be obtained for 50 Growtokens. If you are using it in your world, the background will disappear and will be replaced with total darkness. You can trade this item with other players.

Cuddly Piranha:

The Cuddly Piranha is a cute pet that can be purchased from the Growtoken store for 150 Growtokens. When you equip it, a bowl will appear on your hand and several piranhas will fly all over you and bite you. It is one of the rare items of the game.

There are many more items that you can purchase by spending Growtokens and you can get them easily with Growtopia Hack. So, keep exploring and enjoy the game of Growtopia!


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