The Growtopia Game Shop

A Brief Introduction To The Growtopia Game Shop After generating gems with our Growtopia hack this guide will be perfect for you. The Growtopia in-game shop will let you purchase several items that can be helpful in the game. Some […]

Growtopia Growtokens Guide


What Can You Purchase With Growtokens In Growtopia Game? Growtoken is a form of currency in Growtopia game. Growtokens can be used for buying several items that are available in the Growtoken store. Some of these items are mentioned below: […]

Growtopia Locks

All That You Wanted To Know About Growtopia Locks! To restrict someone from entering a specific area, you need to use Locks. There are different kinds of locks available in the game and all of them are inbuilt with innumerable […]